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BAUHAUS : In the Flat Field

Label: 4AD
BAUHAUS : In the Flat Field BAUHAUS
cd: 9 €  (Sold out)
Debut album by one of the bands that defined goth.

Released: 10/1980
1. Double Dare (4:52)
2. In the Flat Field (4:39)
3. God in an Alcove (4:06)
4. Dive (2:10)
5. The Spy in the Cab (4:27)
6. Small Talk Stinks (3:32)
7. St. Vitus Dance (3:28)
8. Stigmata Martyr (3:39)
9. Nerves (7:01)

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"Another headnodic heavyhitter from the sonic maestro of cLOUDDEAD".
-Sticker on the record cover

"An Odd Nosdam record is something more than music"
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