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BIG BLACK : Hammer Party

cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
"The Hammer Party is a 1986 release of Big Black's first three EPs (made between 1982 and 1984). The CD release contains Lungs, Bulldozer, and Racer-X"

Released: 1986
1. Steelworker (4:15)
2. Live in a Hole (3:01)
3. Dead Billy (3:27)
4. I Can Be Killed (4:27)
5. Crack (3:56)
6. Rip (2:21)
7. Cables (2:40)
8. Pigeon Kill (1:47)
9. I'm a Mess (1:56)
10. Texas (4:02)
11. Seth (3:32)
12. Jumb the Climb (2:59)
13. Racer X (4:00)
14. Shotgun (3:28)
15. The Ugly American (2:41)
16. Deep Six (3:14)
17. Sleep! (2:42)
18. The Big Payback (2:29)

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