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BIG BLACK : Songs About Fucking

BIG BLACK : Songs About Fucking BIG BLACK
cd: 15,50 €  (Sold out)
Indierock / punk / industrial that kills everyone.

Released: 1987
1. Power of Independent Trucking (1:27)
2. The Model (2:34)
3. Bad Penny (2:33)
4. L Dopa (1:40)
5. Precious Thing (2:20)
6. Colombian Necktie (2:14)
7. Kitty Empire (4:01)
8. Ergot (2:27)
9. Kasimir S. Pulaski Day (2:28)
10. Fish Fry (2:06)
11. Pavement Saw (2:12)
12. Tiny, King of the Jews (2:31)
13. Bombastic Intro (0:35)
14. He's a Whore (2:37)

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(Sold out)
12 €
Amazing no-waving DC-groove. Strong shit guaranteed to rock your thongs off. Now with horns-a-plenty and some pretty wicked klezmer-influenced jams in addition to the Black Eyes -madness of the previous record.
(Sold out)
13,50 €
"The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape is an album by noise rock band Big Black. It was released in 1987 by Touch & Go Records. The album is a CD compilation of Big Black's Atomizer album, Headache EP and "Heartbeat" single. The track "Strange Things" from the original Atomizer LP was not included on this release."
2 €
The second EIYL longplay, where the noise starts turning into coherent tracks and sing-along choruses.
(Sold out)
7 €
A selection from the early days of one of the best indierock acts of the 80's! Contains pretty much all of their quintessential stuff.
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