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BIG BLACK : Songs About Fucking

BIG BLACK : Songs About Fucking BIG BLACK
cd: 15,50 €  (Sold out)
Indierock / punk / industrial that kills everyone.

Released: 1987
1. Power of Independent Trucking (1:27)
2. The Model (2:34)
3. Bad Penny (2:33)
4. L Dopa (1:40)
5. Precious Thing (2:20)
6. Colombian Necktie (2:14)
7. Kitty Empire (4:01)
8. Ergot (2:27)
9. Kasimir S. Pulaski Day (2:28)
10. Fish Fry (2:06)
11. Pavement Saw (2:12)
12. Tiny, King of the Jews (2:31)
13. Bombastic Intro (0:35)
14. He's a Whore (2:37)

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Amazing no-waving DC-groove. Strong shit guaranteed to rock your thongs off. Now with horns-a-plenty and some pretty wicked klezmer-influenced jams in addition to the Black Eyes -madness of the previous record.
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12 €
The eagerly awaited new duo from Washington D.C. that's comprised of Amy Farina (The Warmers) on drums and Ian Mackaye (some crappy indie bands that are just indie 'cuz nobody gives a shit) on baritone geetaars. Oh and both sing. Wonderfully atmospheric laid-back folk-type stuff is the key here.
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Supercool retarded punkrock.
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A unique mix of opera, pop and glam.
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