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BLACK AUDIO : Catapult

Label: Musapojat
cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
Black Audio rides again! Their fourth album is filled with OK music so if you LOVED Iron Rhino, you will at least LIKE this record, because it's OK!

Released: 2007
1. Bank on the Left, Bar on the Right (0:37)
2. Elbow Out (3:48)
3. Eyes Wide Open (2:56)
4. Worn Out Soul (4:14)
5. Last Wishes (4:15)
6. Evil Wheels (3:15)
7. Short Circuit (4:39)
8. The Dealer (2:39)
9. Sister Machete (3:21)
10. Ball Lightning (3:02)
11. Move a Mountain (5:21)
12. Idiot (2:37)
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