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BLACK AUDIO : Iron Rhino

Label: If Society
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
Eeeeelectroswampbluesfolkbreakbeat22ppboogieindiehiphopwhatever... an'cha don't stop! Cozy like karelian pie and groovy like John Holmes, baby.

Released: 01/06

1. Video Store 3:31
2. Every Man's Burden 2:54
3. Knee Deep In Love 2:52
4. New Ghosts 3:37
5. Crossing The Plain 4:16
6. Down Home 4:13
7. Things To Do Today 2:59
8. Watch My Mouth 5:42
9. Trying To Make A Sound 3:20
10. The Wrong Man 4:27
11. Dirt Pond Dive 4:40
12. I Don't Want To Leave 4:04
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