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BLACK BEAST : Unholy Finnish Horror Union split /w Bloodhammer

BLACK BEAST : Unholy Finnish Horror Union split /w Bloodhammer BLACK BEAST
cd: 4 €  (Sold out)
Black-fukkin'-metal from the Finnish underground, baby! Real shit, no posing. Just full speed, full volume, full on satanic blasphemy terror 666 goat sodomizing aktion!
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The third full length from Finland's #1 punk rock band sounds like... WASTED! This record will suprise nobody, but who the fuck cares, since with Wasted we don't want to be suprised, we want to get fucking rocked out with the best melodic punk rock songs this side of Black Flag and Bad Religion.
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Surrounded by the aura of a carnival freak show from hell, electronic timbres and rock and roll riffs join forces to produce The Weegs' eerie sound. Earnest burst of screams driven by relentless rhythms put on the finishing touches to this creepy and rousing record.
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The Weegs take their craggly claw, latch onto early American punk/ post-punk and California no wave and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
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Top 100 of 2008

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