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BLACK DICE : Beaches & Canyons

Label: DFA
BLACK DICE : Beaches & Canyons BLACK DICE
cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Black dice successfully combine well crafted noise with an ear for a beat to release a full length that will be remembered as being comparable to the best of NYC late 70’s no wave, as well as the numerous great avant garde bands to grace our presence since. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

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“What’s a troop’s recipe for treacherous times? I tell ‘em fast cars, danger, fire and knives...”

Over five albums of futurized funk, Aesop Rock has been blowing minds with detail-driven narratives and dexterity defying word play.

"With the quality and effort put into this release, Def Jux and Aesop Rock have done what every EP should do, provide something of unique value and create anticipation for future releases."

"Fast Cars is volatile, angry, and certainly unappreciative of the current administration (especially its war policy). Fortunately, Aesop Rock manages to criticize without losing the beat."
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We truly are not worthy! Mother Goose not only influenced a generation of finnish indie-rockers to follow their own path in life and music, but after all these years they still continue to walk proudly in the very head of the queue! This is indie-rock at it's finest and purest form captured on a beautiful 45 rpm 7"-vinyl single.
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"Ecstasy and Wine is a compilation album by My Bloody Valentine, released by Lazy Records in February 1989, at which time the group were signed to Creation.

The album combines the EPs Strawberry Wine and Ecstasy, although a different version of the track "Strawberry Wine" was used."
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