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BLACK EYES : Black Eyes

Label: Dischord
cd: 11 €  (Sold out)
The Black Eyes are part of a new generation of DC bands re-writing all the rules. Two drummers, two bass players, howling, almost unbearably intense vocals and insane energy. One of the best records and bands of the past 5 years.

Released: 15.5.2003
1. Someone has his Fingers Broken (4:30)
2. A Pack of Wolves (2:02)
3. Yes, I Confess (4:09)
4. On the Sacred Side (1:58)
5. Nine (3:04)
6. Speaking in Tongues (3:10)
7. Deformative (2:27)
8. King's Dominion (2:26)
9. Day Turns Night (4:54)
10. Letter to Raoul Peck (2:56)

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Amazing no-waving DC-groove. Strong shit guaranteed to rock your thongs off. Now with horns-a-plenty and some pretty wicked klezmer-influenced jams in addition to the Black Eyes -madness of the previous record.
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Featuring ex-members of Corm and The Elusive, this D.C. band follows in the '90 punk tradition. Eleven quirky post-punk flavored gems.
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Q and not U boldly go in a new direction with 'Power'. They incorporate tons of new electronic textures and dancewave accents advocated by their El Guapo/ Love Story pals. Songs like "Wonderful People" sound like an cross of Talking Heads 77, Basement Jaxx, and Prince. Available also on CD.
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14,50 €
The template for all over-distorted and droney rock to come. Tip: full volume + Sister Ray...
180-gram vinyl!
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