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Label: Dischord
cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
Amazing no-waving DC-groove. Strong shit guaranteed to rock your thongs off. Now with horns-a-plenty and some pretty wicked klezmer-influenced jams in addition to the Black Eyes -madness of the previous record.

Released: US 2004
1. Cough, Cough - Eternal Life
2. False Positive
3. Drums
4. Scrapes and Scratches
5. Fathers of Daughters
6. Holy of Holies
7. Commencement
8. Spring into Winter
9. Another Country
10. A Meditation
11. Untitled

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The Black Eyes are part of a new generation of DC bands re-writing all the rules. Two drummers, two bass players, howling, almost unbearably intense vocals and insane energy. One of the best records and bands of the past 5 years.
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This is the 2nd full length from Q and Not U. As a three piece Q and Not U have discovered an intense focus-their attention to the interplay between melodicism vs. rhythm continues to impress despite the loss of one of their guitarists. Available also on LP.
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A compilation from the roster of the #1 hiphop label in Finland!
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