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Label: CrimethInc
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cd: 2 €  (Sold out)
Blend of Swedish thrash and modern American hardcore. Features ex Humancide and Stef (who was the final guitarist for Catharsis). For fans of Tragedy, Totalitar, Catharsis and the like.
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Heavy metal dudes and a shoegazing singer making brilliant music that rocks like Ozzy and uuuuhhss and aaaahhss like My Bloody Valentine..!
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(BV2 / NMC
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A humongous jazz amoeba of 12-18 players (including various Bad Vugum luminaries from Aavikko and Cosmo Jones Beat Machine) totally irrationally mixing free skronk explosions and epic groove jazz with touches of Olé-era Coltrane, electric-funk Miles Davis, even Fela Kuti – all wrapped in a Sun Ra style trip to outer space.
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"Long before "melodic black metal" as a commercial incarnation of rock-n-roll in metal music, the freshness of the genre placed Throne of Ahaz ahead in their fusion of sawing nihilistic metal riffing with majestic yet minimalist melodies leading each piece in a circulation of its own essential moods and perceptions, from which an evolution can synthesize the final direction of each piece. Soaring detours of architecturally suspended melody link striated concepts in tone to increase tension as tone centers are seemingly forgotten to be regenerated in an überchorus which in the essence of Hessian music narrates to a deconstructive revelation of connections that complete a matrix of possibilities within a given structural paradigm, completing the song in exhaustion of its conflict through a larger ordering than either interpretation of the outcome of two independent combatants."
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