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Label: 4AD
cd: 10 €  (Sold out)
Already in May its safe to say, that this will be a top contestant among the best records of 2007! Air meets Sonic Youth.

Released: 04/2007
1. 23 (5:19)
2. Dr. Strangeluv (4:47)
3. The Dress (4:01)
4. SW (4:36)
5. Spring and by Summer Fall (4:16)
6. Silently (3:57)
7. Publisher (4:02)
8. Heroine (4:11)
9. Top Ranking (3:27)
10. My Impure Hair (4:52)
11. Signs Along the Path (3:45)
12. (We Are a Real Team) Harry and I (8:04)

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