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BLOOD BROTHERS : March on Electric Children

BLOOD BROTHERS : March on Electric Children BLOOD BROTHERS
lp: 14 €  (Sold out)
Innovative post-hardcore from Seattle.

Released: 15.07.2002
1. Birth Skin / Death Leather (1:41)
2. Meet Me at the Waterfront After the Social (2:43)
3. March on Electric Children! (3:00)
4. New York Slave (2:41)
5. Kiss of the Octopus (2:36)
6. Siamese Gun (3:19)
7. Mr. Electric Ocean (2:14)
8. Junkyard J. vs. The Skin Army Girlz / High Fives, LA Hives (2:54)
9. American Vultures (3:27)
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