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BLUR : Blur

cd: 9,50 €  (Sold out)
Blur's 1997 album on which they found some Big Muffs.

Released: 10.02.1997
1. Beetlebum (5:05)
2. Song 2 (2:03)
3. Country Sad Ballad Man (4:51)
4. M.O.R. (3:26)
5. On Your Own (4:28)
6. Theme From Retro (3:39)
7. You're So Great (3:37)
8. Death of a Party (4:34)
9. Chinese Bombs (1:24)
10. I'm Just a Killer for Your Love (4:13)
11. Look Inside America (3:52)
12. Strange News From Another Star (4:04)
13. Movin' On (3:43)
14. Essex Dogs (8:08)
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