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BOREDOMS : Super ae

Label: Birdman
cd: 16 €  (Sold out)
The precursor to the brilliant "vision creation newsun", "super are" is seven tracks of super-freaked Japanese gone-rock hypertronix from EYE, YAMAMOTOR, YOSHIMI P-WE, ATR, and HIRA. Digitally damaged metal, loopy electronics, skreed psych wanderlust, and tasty licks of general mayhem. "Handcrap" all around.

Released: 17.11.1998
1. Super You (7:37)
2. Super Are (8:30)
3. Super Going (12:26)
4. Super Coming (12:20)
5. Super Are You (8:47)
6. Super Shine (12:45)
7. Super Good (6:06)

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