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BOREDOMS : Vision Creation Newsun

Label: Birdman
BOREDOMS : Vision Creation Newsun BOREDOMS
cd: 9 €  (Sold out)
The Boredoms' 1999 album.

Released: 1999
1. [circle] (13:42)
2. [star] (5:22)
3. [heart] (6:51)
4. [spiral] (6:33)
5. [tilde] (6:19)
6. [two circles] (7:21)
7. [arrow up] (6:26)
8. [omega] (7:36)
9. ??? (7:31)

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The precursor to the brilliant "vision creation newsun", "super are" is seven tracks of super-freaked Japanese gone-rock hypertronix from EYE, YAMAMOTOR, YOSHIMI P-WE, ATR, and HIRA. Digitally damaged metal, loopy electronics, skreed psych wanderlust, and tasty licks of general mayhem. "Handcrap" all around.
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Time for some heavy tripping. After the psychedelic debut tape, Chestburster is back even louder. 35 minute unsafe acid trip to the dark side of psychedelia. May cause deafness.
Very cool full colour covers and a lyric sheet included. Limited edition of 100.
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Nick Drake's last and darkest album. Way more stripped than Nick's earlier work that featured rich string orchestrations and playful arrangements. Pink Moon is a work of a very troubled yet endlessly talented person.
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