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BOREDOMS : Vision Creation Newsun

Label: Birdman
BOREDOMS : Vision Creation Newsun BOREDOMS
cd: 9 €  (Sold out)
The Boredoms' 1999 album.

Released: 1999
1. [circle] (13:42)
2. [star] (5:22)
3. [heart] (6:51)
4. [spiral] (6:33)
5. [tilde] (6:19)
6. [two circles] (7:21)
7. [arrow up] (6:26)
8. [omega] (7:36)
9. ??? (7:31)

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The precursor to the brilliant "vision creation newsun", "super are" is seven tracks of super-freaked Japanese gone-rock hypertronix from EYE, YAMAMOTOR, YOSHIMI P-WE, ATR, and HIRA. Digitally damaged metal, loopy electronics, skreed psych wanderlust, and tasty licks of general mayhem. "Handcrap" all around.
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Es is a solo-project by Sami Sanpakkila who not only runs the wonderfull label Fonal but also is a member of Kiila. His cds for (K-RAA-K)3 is a trip through a typical Scandinavian wasteland full of fantasies and solitude emotions. Thee atmosphere recalls a bit of early Labradford or Dead can dance releases. The conjunction of guitars, field recordings gives a kind of desperate, but hopefull meaning to his music
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