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CASH, JOHNNY : American V: A Hundred Highways

CASH, JOHNNY : American V: A Hundred Highways CASH, JOHNNY
cd: 10,50 €  (Sold out)
The last and posthumous release from the American-series of Johnny Cash that brough the man in black to the turntables of the younger generation.

Released: 4.6.2006
1. Help Me (2:51)
2. God's Gonna Cut You Down (2:38)
3. Like the 309 (4:35)
4. If You Could Read My Mind (4:30)
5. Further on Up the Road (3:24)
6. On the Evening Train (4:17)
7. I Came to Believe (3:44)
8. Love's Been Good to Me (3:18)
9. A Legend in My Time (2:37)
10. Rose of My Heart (3:18)
11. Four Strong Winds (4:34)
12. I'm Free From the Chain Gang Now (3:00)

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