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CAT POWER : The Covers Record

Label: Matador
CAT POWER : The Covers Record CAT POWER
cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
An album full of Chan Marshall's wonderful reinterpretations of classic songs.

Released: 03/2000
1. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards) 3:05
2. "Kingsport Town" (Traditional, version by Bob Dylan) 4:54
3. "Troubled Waters" (Sam Coslow/Arthur Johnston) 3:29
4. "Naked If I Want To" (Jerry A. Miller Jr.) 2:47
5. "Sweedeedee" (Michael Hurley) 3:53
6. "In This Hole" (Chan Marshall) 4:26
7. "I Found a Reason" (Lou Reed) 2:00
8. "Wild Is the Wind" (Dimitri Tiomkin/Ned Washington) 4:10
9. "Red Apples" (Bill Callahan) 4:24
10. "Paths of Victory" (Bob Dylan) 3:24
11. "Salty Dog" (Traditional) 2:07
12. "Sea of Love" (John Phillip Baptiste/George Khoury) 2:19

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