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CAT POWER : You Are Free

Label: Matador
cd: 8 €  (Sold out)
Sweet singer-songwriter stuff with Chan Marshall's unmistakeable voice setting the tone.

Released: 18.2.2003
1. "I Don't Blame You" 3:05
2. "Free" 3:34
3. "Good Woman" 3:58
4. "Speak for Me" 3:04
5. "Werewolf" 4:08
6. "Fool" 3:49
7. "He War" 3:31
8. "Shaking Paper" 4:36
9. "Babydoll" 2:56
10. "Maybe Not" 4:19
11. "Names" 4:50
12. "Half of You" 2:42
13. "Keep On Runnin'" 3:51
14. "Evolution" 4:44

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