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Label: CrimethInc
cd: 11 €  (Sold out)
Take the apocalyptic and eerie atmosphere from Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the merciless heavyness of Slayer and the intensity of a rabid dog, combine it with some pretty radical political thoughs and you have something that's pretty much the best thing that modern hard music has to offer: Catharsis. This is by far the band's best offering that features some very ambitious songwriting, bold arrangements and a record that is consistent from the very first measures to the last sustained note. Seriously recommended.

One of the best records ever made!!!

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"At Crystal Palace" is the second full length record by San Fransisco's Erase Errata. Recorded over two weeks at SF's Tiny Telephone Studios in Winter 2003, the album presents a more firmly realized vision of "Other Animals" skeletal possibilities. Erase Errata knows noisy and nice, dancey and disco-shy
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12 €
One of the kings of the postrock genre! This is their arguably greatest work to date!
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Leevi & the Leavings meets Kari Peitsamo with the wrong medications.
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10 €
The third full length from Finland's #1 punk rock band sounds like... WASTED! This record will suprise nobody, but who the fuck cares, since with Wasted we don't want to be suprised, we want to get fucking rocked out with the best melodic punk rock songs this side of Black Flag and Bad Religion.
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