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Label: Fullsteam
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
Minimalist and intelligent hiphop! Finland's answer to the best Anticon / Def Jux -stuff out there!

Released: 2005
1. Tyomi 5:11
2. Tanhi 6:41
3. Resusc 5:16
4. Ohine 5:22
5. Uuvus/luata 5:56
6. Lohum 6:02
7. Sinainin 6:12
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Combat Rock's current flagship IWTL has been getting heaps of attention lately with their streetpunk version of Bruce Springsteen and this new mini-cd / 7" will more than likely just fan those flames into a veritable inferno!
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Grrrrreat melodic punkrock from Finland! Hüskers meets old Apulanta maybe... or something not anything like that at all. You never know with these cats, as they're as unpredictable as the Replacements!
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