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!!! : Myth Takes 2xlp

Label: Warp
!!! : Myth Takes 2xlp !!!
lp: 17 €  (Sold out)
Punked-up disco/funk! Wear yr dancin' shoes!

"With a wit, swagger and well-tuned ear for the dance floor, !!! have followed up the now classic Louden Up Now (2004) with the kind of rock album that many had thought extinct. Muscular and nimble, smart and funny, strange and endlessly sing-a-long-able, Myth Takes is a sprawling experiment in pop songwriting and musical irreverence. From the bass-heavy psychedelia of album opener "Myth Takes" straight through to the lilting beatless ballad of the last track "Infinifold" the album lives up to it's title as a rambunctious, complete work wrapped in its own mystique."

Released: 2007
1. Myth Takes 2:26
2. All My Heroes Are Weirdos 3:06
3. Must Be The Moon 5:58
4. A New Name 4:57
5. Heart Of Hearts 6:05
6. Sweet Life 3:48
7. Yadnus 5:15
8. Bend Over Beethoven 8:08
9. Break In Case Of Anything 3:42
10. Infinifold 5:12

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