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!!! : The Disease

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7": 3,50 €  (Sold out)
The debut 7” has been finally re-repressed after many years of being out of print. Self proclaimed as music to "get the punks dancing." Ex-members of The Yah Mos and Popesmashers play a weird mix of funk and punk, think if The Yah Mos added James Brown to their line up.

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(Sold out)
!!! : !!! lp
12 €
Punk meets disco and your ass is on the dance floor! The first long play from this very hyped (with a reason!) group with the name that'll have people scrathing their heads and beats that'll have people shakin' their ass until the last drop of sweat.
(Sold out)
1 €
We truly are not worthy! Mother Goose not only influenced a generation of finnish indie-rockers to follow their own path in life and music, but after all these years they still continue to walk proudly in the very head of the queue! This is indie-rock at it's finest and purest form captured on a beautiful 45 rpm 7"-vinyl single.
(Sold out)
7 €
The instant house-punk -classic that sets indie discos on fire everywhere in cool 12"-format. Don't get caught DJ'ing without this baby.
(Sold out)
8 €
"Ok, now these blokes are not even in their twenties yet but they play like all hell's gonna break loose. TIGHT noisepunkrock in the vein of early Radiopuhelimet/Hero Dishonest/Jesus Lizard/etc, with a sackful of something completely their own (Finns should pay special attention to their clever lyrics). 15 tunes in 18 minutes, no bullshit."
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