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CIRCLE : Hollywood

Label: Ektro
cd: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
"Exciting new band from Finland"-Sticker on album cover.

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CIRCLE : Panic cd
14 €
Speedkraut from Finland. This time Circle combines the slow-paced almost ambient feels of their previous record Miljard and destroys everything by placing 3 fast paced bursts of "speedkraut" aka Circle-fied versions of Discharge-type hardcore in the middle... Go figure.
(Sold out)
8 €
Coldplay's bridge from indie to the stadiums.
(Sold out)
14 €
Cool artrock from Finland!
(Sold out)
10 €
Rural pottupeltorock americana! Arctic country from Tyrnävä. One of Finland's longest running and best bands!
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