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CIRCLE : Sunrise

Label: Ektro
cd: 14 €  (Sold out)
"Brilliant, shockingly brilliant! Here with we present to you what we can only say is the headbangingest record yet from our Finnish friends Circle (containing also, paradoxically, a couple of their most gentle numbers). The Circle concept is one of repetition, and while ALL their records are in fact great, one can find some of them to be a lot like another. So it's nice that this new Circle really goes out on a limb, with so much success, while totally managing to remain Circle to the core. How do they do it?"
(Aquarius Records)

Released: 07/2002
1. Nopeuskuningas (7:43)
2. Satulinnut (3:27)
3. Hautain takaa (5:15)
4. Vaanen valtiatar (7:42)
5. Kylän suurin miekka (6:30)
6. Rautakotka (9:27)
7. Paholaisratsastaja (7:40)
8. Lokki (15:14)

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