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CIRCLE : Tyrant 2xlp

CIRCLE : Tyrant 2xlp CIRCLE
lp: 21,50 €  (Sold out)
Circle's 2008 peek at a more classic Circle sound = kraut and drone aplenty! Limited edition of 1000 copies!

"NOW AVAILABLE ON LIMITED VINYL EDITION. Circle really have it all don't they? Not content with their innate ability to rock the damn place down, they managed to cough and splutter their way through two jam packed discs of melancholy, gloomy moonlit ambience on last weeks 'Miljard' and now they're back with a unique contribution to Southern's killer Lattitudes series of releases. I'm sure you're all aware now how limited these are, Sir Richard Bishop's disc must have lasted all of five minutes, and I must say 'Tyrant' is the best yet! I've gotta be honest here, I'm a total sucker for Circle's more Kraut-styled leaning work, and that's exactly what we get here; pounding, cyclic drum parts, distorted shards of shimmering electric guitar and soiled pulsating analogue synthesizers. It's hard to describe this as it is music that really needs to be heard, the band manage somehow to translate that spontaneous, irresistible improvised sound onto compact disc without it sounding like a throwaway or messy live recording. In fact the sound quality must be one of the selling points, this is such a fabulous 'sounding' album, all the elements are separated so perfectly and it literally jumps out of the speakers (or headphones) at you, seriously you will want to play this loud and take yourself into a narcotic state to achieve full transcendent pleasure from the album. It's spiritual, deep and hugely enjoyable for all who brave its experimental shores - a huge recommendation, and remember be quick there are only 1000 copies for the world!"

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