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COHEN, LEONARD : Songs of Leonard Cohen

COHEN, LEONARD : Songs of Leonard Cohen COHEN, LEONARD
lp: 12,50 €  (Sold out)
Songs of Leonard Cohen was the first introduction of Canadian poet Leonard Cohen (then already 33 years of age) to the world of popular music. Dark and deep folk -music that set a perfect opposite to the whole flowery hippie movement of its time.

Released: 1967
Side one
1. "Suzanne" 3:48
2. "Master Song" 5:55
3. "Winter Lady" 2:15
4. "The Stranger Song" 5:00
5. "Sisters of Mercy" 3:32

Side two
1. "So Long, Marianne" 5:38
2. "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" 2:55
3. "Stories of the Street" 4:35
4. "Teachers" 3:01
5. "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong" 4:23
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