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COLD INSIDE : The Things I Failed To Tell You

Label: Harm's Way
COLD INSIDE : The Things I Failed To Tell You COLD INSIDE
lp: 13,50 €  (Sold out)
Metallic hardcore from Tampere.
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(Sold out)
13,50 €
The record that bridges the early fast and frantic Black Flag and the latter day progressive sludge metal-flavored (post-)punk. Side A is the way Black Flag will be remembered: angry, furious yet catchy as hell whereas side B shows the path they were starting to take, a more difficult one of Black Sabbath -type gloomy sludgecore.
(Sold out)
7 €
Classic doom metal from the UK! Their second album from 1991.
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10 €
Essential indierock. Recorded by Steve Albini and contains some of the most important music of our time. Contains the 'Come on Pilgrim'-ep as bonus!
(Sold out)
19 €
2 cd's of absolutely brilliant doom metal!
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