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CONVERGE : No Heroes

Label: Epitaph
lp: 7 €  (Sold out)
"If LCD Soundsystem's 45:33 is good Nike-sponsored running music, No Heroes is what boot-wearing non-joggers use at a punk-slapped punching bag to reach fighting weight. It's pretty amazing to think Converge has been around almost as long as some of you have been alive, especially considering this sixth full-length is packed with some of the most ferocious moments in the Boston quartet's 15-plus year history."

Converge - No Heroes
Released: 23.10.2006
1. Heartache (1:44)
2. Hellbound (1:07)
3. Sacrifice (1:38)
4. Vengeance (0:58)
5. Weight of the World (1:25)
6. No Heroes (3:44)
7. Plagues (4:43)
8. Grim Heart/Black Rose (9:35)
9. Orphaned (1:39)
10. Lonewolves (2:18)
11. Versus (2:10)
12. Trophy Scars (4:59)
13. Bare My Teeth (2:03)
14. To the Lions (3:41)
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