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CRANES : Future Songs

Label: Dadaphonic
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cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
The Cranes may have a good 15+ years under their belts and the members may be a bit older than they were when they were making classics like 'Wings of Joy', 'Loved' or 'Forever', but Alison Shaw still sounds like a 9-year-old lost in a forest of haunting sounds and the material crafted by herself and her brother Jim is as strong as ever. It may lack most of the evil guitars that and noises that were more prominent on the earlier material, but in their stead we have sofisticated claustrophobia and sonic paintings that defy the rules in a way that pop-music rarely does.

Released: 08.01.2002
1. Future Song (4:31)
2. Submarine (3:29)
3. Flute Song (4:15)
4. Sunrise (5:27)
5. Don't Wake Me Up (3:28)
6. Driving in the Sun (5:04)
7. Fragile (5:01)
8. Eight (1:08)
9. Even When (2:54)
10. Everything For (2:53)
11. The Maker of Heavenly Trousers (3:35)
12. Fragile (remix) (4:31)
13. Don't Wake Me Up (remix) (3:35)
14. In the Reeds (3:15)
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