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CRANES : Live in Italy

Label: Dadaphonic
CRANES : Live in Italy CRANES
cd: 12 €  (Sold out)
All the classic Cranes-songs performed with carefully crafted live-arrangements and captured with perfection. As much a great compilation as a live-record!

Featuring songs spanning from the disturbingly claustrophobic pop-soundscapes of the very first Cranes-records dating back to the beginning of the turbulent 90's to the ethereal textures of the more recent albums, this wonderful live album proves at least two things: The Cranes have managed to have a varied, yet consistent career and that their music lacks none of the depth and grace of the studio-versions, once put up on stage. A rare gem in the mostly boring form that live albums usually represent.

Released: 17.6.2003
1. Cloudless (5:44)
2. Fragile (4:38)
3. Future Song (4:39)
4. Submarine (3:39)
5. Flute Song (4:18)
6. Sunrise (5:44)
7. Everywhere (3:47)
8. Jewel (3:14)
9. Far Away (3:54)
10. Adrift (4:49)
11. Paris and Rome (6:06)
12. e.g. Shining (4:13)
13. Shining Road (4:01)
14. Adoration (6:26)

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