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CRANES : Particles and Waves

Label: Dadaphonic
CRANES : Particles and Waves CRANES
cd: 7 €  (Sold out)
The eagerly awaited follow up to 'Future Songs' that keeps on treading new ground and doing that Star Trek-thing of boldly going where no band has gone before. A brilliant combination of pop-craftsmanship, avant-experimentation, ambient-textures and all sorts of beeps, clicks and other interesting sounds that make these birds the head of the flock.

Released: 05/2004
1. Vanishing Point (5:32)
2. K56 (4:39)
3. Every Town (3:33)
4. Here Comes the Snow (5:30)
5. Particles & Waves (4:57)
6. Avenue A (4:07)
7. Astronauts (2:57)
8. Far From the City (4:01)
9. Streams (4:42)
10. Light Song (3:40)

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