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CURE, THE : Pornography 2x 180g

CURE, THE : Pornography 2x 180g CURE, THE
lp: 22 €  (Sold out)
The Cure at their darkest. Gothic pop at its finest!

Double lp on 180-gram vinyl with 8 bonus tracks!

Released: 1.5.1982
A1. One Hundred Years
A2. A Short Term Effect
A3. The Hanging Garden
A4. Siamese Twins
B1. The Figurehead
B2. A Strange Day
B3. Cold
B4. Pornography
C1. Temptation Two (Aka Lgtb)*
C2. Airlock / The Soundtrack*
C3. Cold (Live)*
D1. A Strange Day (Live)*
D2. Pornography (Live)*
D3. All Mine (Live)*
D4. A Short Term Effect (Live)*
D5. Siamese Twins (Live)*
*Bonus Tracks

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