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DEAD KENNEDYS : Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Label: Cleopatra
DEAD KENNEDYS : Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables DEAD KENNEDYS
lp: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
Classic US punk / hardcore.

Released: 1980
Side A
1. Kill the Poor 3:05
2. Forward to Death 1:23
3. When Ya Get Drafted 1:23
4. Let's Lynch the Landlord 2:13
5. Drug Me 1:57
6. Your Emotions 1:20
7. Chemical Warfare 2:58

Side B
1. California Uber Alles 3:02
2. I Kill Children 2:04
3. Stealing People's Mail 1:34
4. Funland at the Beach 1:49
5. Ill in the Head 2:46
6. Holiday in Cambodia 4:38
7. Viva Las Vegas 2:38

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