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DEAD SCIENCE : Villainaire

lp: 21 €  (Sold out)
"This Seattle indie-punk trio's Wu-Tang-referencing third album is sinister and melodramatic enough to evoke the collective spirit of comic-book bad guys. But their rock operatics more closely recall Hexxus, the smoggy antagonist of '90s eco-adventure FernGully. Like Tim Curry's amorphous pollution monster, vocalist Sam Mickens seems to waft around, moaning and spitting evil lines with little discernible purpose.

"This is a band that has a distinctive grasp of the craft and value of the album as a piece of art as opposed to a collection of songs, and itís made clear throughout: There is a sense of continuity inspiring each individual piece, lending a definite flow to the music. Luckily, there is enough variation that the album stays interesting; Villainaire is a bold, adventurous work thatís rife with enough emotion and energy to make at least some musical impact."

Released: 25.08.2008
1. Throne of Blood (The Jump Off) (3:39)
2. The Dancing Destroyer (2:49)
3. Make Mine Marvel (3:36)
4. Monster Island Czars (3:41)
5. Lamentable (2:40)
6. Death Duel Productions (3:14)
7. Wife You (4:38)
8. Holliston (3:46)
9. Black Lane (3:30)
10. Sword Cane (4:56)
11. Clemency (3:31)

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A sweet Christmas-7" from Viola featuring two original and very very seasonal songs in true Viola-fashion.

Note: the remaining copies are just the 7" without the gift wrapping and the signed card of the original issue!

This record is available for free download from Viola Music Club
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