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DEERHOOF : The Runners Four

cd: 15,50 €  (Sold out)
Deerhoof play with a primal abandon and molten group chemistry that remains untamed since the band's early days. Still, at nearly twice the length of their previous albums, “The Runners Four” is more complex and challenging than anything they've recorded. This is more than rock; it's a wholesale rewrite of the rock and roll dictionary.

Released: 10.10.2005
1. Chatterboxes (2:32)
2. Twin Killers (2:16)
3. Running Thoughts (3:44)
4. Vivid Cheek Love Song (2:14)
5. O'Malley, Former Underdog (2:16)
6. Odyssey (2:55)
7. Wrong Time Capsule (2:52)
8. Spirit Ditties of No Tone (4:07)
9. Scream Team (2:40)
10. You Can See (3:20)
11. Midnight Bicycle Mystery (1:59)
12. After Me the Deluge (3:59)
13. Siriustar (4:37)
14. Lemon and Little Lemon (2:04)
15. Lightning Rod, Run (2:15)
16. Bone-Dry (2:15)
17. News From a Bird (1:23)
18. Spy on You (2:12)
19. You're Our Two (2:24)
20. Rrrrrrright (3:57)

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