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DEICIDE : Till Death Do Us Part

Label: Earache
DEICIDE : Till Death Do Us Part DEICIDE
cd: 13,50 €  (Sold out)
Deicide's latest offering. Surprisingly probably their most brutal album yet, which kinda seems impossible, but yet true it is.

Includes "Glen Benton for president" -patch!!!

Released: 28.4.2008
1. The Beginning of the End (3:39)
2. Till Death Do Us Part (4:14)
3. Hate of All Hatreds (3:53)
4. In the Eyes of God (4:42)
5. Worthless Misery (5:00)
6. Severed Ties (4:01)
7. Not as Long as We Both Shall Live (5:05)
8. Angel of Agony (3:29)
9. Horror in the Halls of Stone (6:23)
10. The End of the Beginning (1:41)
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