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DIE TODESMASCHINE : Erikoisdance 12: Moskstraumen

cdr: 5 €  (Sold out)
The 12th Erikoisdance CDr offers a long EP length of old material by the labels in-house Outsider Dance super group Die Todesmaschine. Here the notoriously unproductive duo display their trademark style of homegrown synth tracks in 4 examples, along with some versions and remix material epic Vangelis-on-a-budget strings, off-center basslines obscured by metallic flange, faux 70s Glam Rock drum patterns and a healthy dose of crunchy tape delay feedback.
This is in fact very close to everything they have recorded during the last 6 or so years (except for that one track released under the alias Detox, on the now sadly defunkt Kommando 6 label back in 2004).
A remix by Vince Koreman (of Ra-X and Virgin Fang fame), exclusively commissioned for this release, is also included.

File under electronics, outsider dance, synthesizer music, electro

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