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DINOSAUR JR : Green Mind

cd: 8,50 €  (Sold out)
Dinosaur Jr's fourth album and their first without the classic line-up, as Lou Barlow was no longer a part of the picture on this one. Even so, anything with J.Mascis on it, is instantly GREAT!

Released: 19.2.1991
1. The Wagon (4:54)
2. Puke + Cry (4:27)
3. Blowing It (2:44)
4. I Live for That Look (1:56)
5. Flying Cloud (2:35)
6. How'd You Pin That One on Me (4:24)
7. Water (5:38)
8. Muck (4:15)
9. Thumb (5:38)
10. Green Mind (5:04)

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