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DISKELM? : Fun Is Over

lp: 11 €  (Sold out)
Finnish D-beat hardcore.

After releasing their 1st ep and split with Distress, we proudly present here the "BIG" record from these Finnish D-beat warriors! 13 killer songs of Scandinavian D-beat mixed with Finnish and Japanese hardcore. While big melodies are played I stink like puke and drunkenly shout "fuck off" - fun is over!!!

Maximumrock'n'roll #303:

"Wow! This is an amazing record. DISKELMÄ is from Finland and plays a great mix of raw dark crust like HELLSHOCK, '80s German trash metal a la Kreator or DESTRUCTION, and Finnish HC blended with, of course, a DISCHARGE sound. This may sound chaotic or like it may not work, but I can tell you it certainly does!! This is one of my favourite records of the year already! Shit! (NM)"

Equalizing Distort:

"Take WORLD BURNS TO DEATH state of mind and play it to a soundtrack that is hald POISON IDEA and half FINAL CONFLICT and this new DISKELMA full length is what you'll get. A fuckin' barn burner for sure. Far over the top from the other eps, “Fun is Over” takes the cake. Righteous in every way possible. Fast as fuck, critical as an old man, and uncompromising. This LP is bullet belt charged and ready to bring the system down. If there was any justice in the world this would be a record to remember 2008 by. (SP)"

1. Dead men tell no lies
2. Hate control
3. Is this system right?
4. Reality strikes again
5. Rather eat shit
6. Nihilistic statement
7. Bloody tears
8. Sick world
9. Flying with the drungs
10. D-beat warriors
11. I hate people
12. Born to lose
13. Distroyer
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