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DO MAKE SAY THINK : You, You're a History in Rust 2xlp

DO MAKE SAY THINK : You, You're a History in Rust 2xlp DO MAKE SAY THINK
lp: 18 €  (Sold out)
DMST's fifth album of huge post-rock. Even featuring a few tracks with vocals this time.

Released: 12.2.2007
1. Bound to Be That Way (7:36)
2. A With Living (9:08)
3. The Universe! (5:02)
4. A Tender History in Rust (5:07)
5. Herstory of Glory (5:18)
6. You, You're Awesome (3:36)
7. Executioner Blues (8:38)
8. In Mind (4:00)

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