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DOSH : Pure Trash

Label: Anticon
DOSH : Pure Trash DOSH
cd: 8 €  (Sold out)
Amazing loop-based soundscapes from somewhere between hip-hop and post-rock. Hip-rock? Post-hop?

1. Simple Exercises (3:21)
2. Dark Lord of Rhodes (3:09)
3. This Is When Things Were Looking Up (3:14)
4. Rock It to the Next Episode (3:49)
5. Bye Rhodsy (3:21)
6. I Think I'm Getting Married (5:25)
7. Bring the Happiness (2:47)
8. G Eye (3:38)
9. Naoise (3:30)
10. Pure Trash (5:05)
11. Building a Strange Child (3:14)
12. The Last Plan (5:51)

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Martin Dosh, most well known as the drummer and Rhodes piano player in the Minneapolis band Fog (Ninja Tune), has struck out on his own with his debut solo record.
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"The Lost Take reimagines Dosh as the full band he's always wanted to be. The Lost take offers miniature opuses made from live improv inspired by raw, written instrumentation... Guitar, saxophone, bass, violin, clarinet and pedal steel lend a hand courtesy of a guest-cast featuring Andrew Bird as well as members of Tapes 'n Tapes, Happy Apple & Fog."
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The album was produced by Mika Rättö. Rocking has been traded for some quiet reading on the couch at home.
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