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DOSH : Pure Trash

Label: Anticon
DOSH : Pure Trash DOSH
lp: 14 €  (Sold out)
Amazing loop-based soundscapes from somewhere between hip-hop and post-rock. Hip-rock? Post-hop?

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Already in May its safe to say, that this will be a top contestant among the best records of 2007! Air meets Sonic Youth.
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Dark, passionate and hyper-intensive mixture of hardcore aggression, post-rock atmospheres and black metal intensity. One of the best records ever made!!!
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A 4 cd collection from the premier pop label from Sweden! Includes bands like Acid House Kings, Pelle Carlberg, The Legends, Sambassadeur, The Radio Dept and Suburban Kids with Biblical Names.
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A benefit compilation featuring some of D.C.'s finest like Fugazi, Marginal Man, Scream, Fire Party and Shudder to Think.
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