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DOSH : s/t

Label: Anticon
lp: 12 €  (Sold out)
Martin Dosh, most well known as the drummer and Rhodes piano player in the Minneapolis band Fog (Ninja Tune), has struck out on his own with his debut solo record. When he wasn't practicing drums, playing in bands around Minneapolis or teaching drums to elementary school students, Dosh was collecting hours upon hours of drum breaks and keyboard riffs in the basement of his house, a room cluttered with musical instruments, old samplers and effects pedals, blown out amps and a couple of dusty couches. He worked for a little over a year putting sounds to tape with the occasional accompaniment of friends. These recordings would become this collection of twelve self-engineered, mature instrumentals. Dosh's live drums, which are filtered, overdriven, looped, and effected, sound like a robot with human hands playing a beat-up kit through a vacuum cleaner. They are set in layers of sad, jazzy piano keys, beautiful feedback ambiance, vibes, reverb and delay-drenched Casios, turntables, guitars, and Dictaphone tape. The album displays a full hi-fi sound spectrum while maintaining the down-to-earth honesty of a homemade recording. Available also on LP.
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