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DRAKE, NICK : Five Leaves Left

DRAKE, NICK : Five Leaves Left DRAKE, NICK
lp: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
Nick Drake's first album that introduced this shooting star to the world. This stuff gets close to as honest as music can possibly be.

Released: 1969
1. "Time Has Told Me" 4:27
2. "River Man" 4:21
3. "Three Hours" 6:16
4. "Way To Blue" 3:11
5. "Day Is Done" 2:29
6. "'Cello Song" 4:49
7. "The Thoughts Of Mary Jane" 3:22
8. "Man In A Shed" 3:55
9. "Fruit Tree" 4:50
10. "Saturday Sun" 4:03
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This record is available for free download from Viola Music Club
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