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DS-13 : Killed By the Kids

Label: Havoc
DS-13 : Killed By the Kids DS-13
lp: 15 €  (Sold out)
Amazing thrashcore that'll leave you feeling beaten, raped and ridiculed.
1. Lie
2. VI Skatar, Dom Oor
3. DIY Killed by the Kids
4. In the Name of Revolution
5. We're Hardcore, You're Not
6. Bastard Bizkit
7. Stold
8. I Am the Bastard
9. NATO Sucks
10. Proletarian Song
11. Watch Out
12. UMEA Hardcore
13. Not My Fight
14. Technology Crisis
15. I Don't Trust You
16. Thrash Lifestyle
17. I Don't Want to Be a Skinhead
18. Total War
19. C.I.S.S.
20. Media Blitz
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