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EELS : Electro-Shock Blues

Label: Dreamworks
EELS : Electro-Shock Blues EELS
cd: 6,50 €  (Sold out)
The Eels' finest hour. An incredibly bittersweet album of heart-wrenching lo-fi pop.

Released: 09/1998
1. Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor (2:08)
2. Going to Your Funeral, Part I (2:37)
3. Cancer for the Cure (4:46)
4. My Descent Into Madness (3:54)
5. 3 Speed (2:45)
6. Hospital Food (3:23)
7. Electro-Shock Blues (2:29)
8. Efils' God (3:19)
9. Going to Your Funeral, Part II (1:30)
10. Last Stop: This Town (3:27)
11. Baby Genius (2:03)
12. Climbing to the Moon (3:38)
13. Ant Farm (2:11)
14. Dead of Winter (2:59)
15. The Medication Is Wearing Off (3:51)
16. P.S. You Rock My World (3:08)

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