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EL GUAPO : Fake French

Label: Dischord
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cd: 4 €  (Sold out)
El Guapo’s new release, “Fake French” continues to see the band continuing down the eccentric path that El Guapo travels. “Fake French” elicits comparisons from a wide range of sources including Devo, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Gang of Four; as well as genre-busters Afrika Bambaata, The Stooges, Tom Waits and Run-dmc. Available also on LP.

1. Glass House (2:08)
2. Just Don't Know (3:15)
3. Ocean and Sky (2:17)
4. Space Tourist (3:15)
5. Justin Destroyer (2:48)
6. Fake French (3:52)
7. Underground (3:10)
8. I Don't Care (2:25)
9. Hawks (2:44)
10. The Time: Night (3:37)
11. Pick It Up (2:13)
12. Hollywood Crew (3:21)

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