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ENTOMBED : Left Hand Path

Label: Earache
cd: 10,50 €  (Sold out)
Entombed's classic first album!

Released: 06/1990
1. "Left Hand Path" 6:41
2. "Drowned" 4:04
3. "Revel in Flesh" 3:45
4. "When Life Has Ceased" 4:13
5. "Supposed to Rot" 2:06
6. "But Life Goes On" 3:02
7. "Bitter Loss" 4:25
8. "Morbid Devourment" 5:27
9. "Abnormally Deceased" 3:01
10. "The Truth Beyond" 3:28
11. "Carnal Leftovers" 3:00
12. "Premature Autopsy" 4:26
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