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ERASE ERRATA : At Crystal Palace

cd: 8 €  (Sold out)
"At Crystal Palace" is the second full length record by San Fransisco's Erase Errata. Recorded over two weeks at SF's Tiny Telephone Studios in Winter 2003, the album presents a more firmly realized vision of "Other Animals" skeletal possibilities. Erase Errata knows noisy and nice, dancey and disco-shy

Released: 09/2003
1. Driving Test (1:39)
2. CA Viewing (2:53)
3. Go to Sleep (1:56)
4. Retreat! The Most Familiar (2:25)
5. Suprise, It's Easter (1:33)
6. Let's Be Active C/O Club Hott (2:52)
7. Flippy Flop (0:56)
8. Owls (2:20)
9. Ease on Over (1:52)
10. The White Horse Is Bucking (1:20)
11. A Thief Detests the Criminal, Elements of the Ruling Class (2:11)
12. Harvester (1:22)
13. Matter No Medley (4:06)

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