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ES / SAMI SÄNPÄKKILÄ : Kesämaan lapset

Label: Fonal
lp: 14,50 €  (Sold out)
Experimental soundscapes from the Fonal mastermind himself!

"This is my fifth solo release as Es. Kesämaan lapset was recorded during a three year period. It is a mix of soundscapes and pop tunes. You can hear influences varying from contemporary indie to ancient classical music. It’s a summer album and a childhood photo album. The name translates as “The Children Of The Summerland”. It an homage to the Pekka Streng album “Kesämaa” (Summerland) which is one of my favourite Finnish albums ever made. It also refers to Finland of course. I’ve been travelling a lot these past three years and every time I return here it feels more and more like home.

I’ve used lots of instruments, from high-end analogue synthesizers and upright pianos to cheap flea market Casios. I’ve recorded parts of this abroad and at home in my studio and in my bedroom. There are a few special guests: Laura Laurila plays violin, Tuomas Eriksson (Risto) plays trombone and Elissa Määttänen who has sung on most of my albums is present again to give her special voice to the tracks.

I hope you enjoy the album. It is not as ambitious a work as my previous double album Sateenkaarisuudelma. But this one is meant to be listened to in many more situations and it might just fit as music for a house party too…"
- Sami Sänpäkkilä / ES

Released: 27.5.2009
1. Ennen oli huonommin
2. Kesä ja hymyilevät huulet
3. Säteet sun sielusta
4. Kesämaan lapset
5. Haamut sun sydämestä

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